Jones Byrne Margeotes Partners | Company History
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Company History

Since its founding over two decades ago, Jones Byrne Margeotes Partners has developed an exceptional reputation among our clients and the broader community. It is a reputation built on trust, knowledge and confidence in our design as well as the ability to execute in a controlled and professional manner.


JBMP has maintained a consistent set of prinicples as the firm has grown and changed over the years, build a firm classically trained yet innovative staff, consider Interior Design and Architecture as integral to each other; excel at the business of managing our clients projects as well as their expectations.


Today JBMP strives to further hone exacting standards, creating architectural solutions that enable our clients to realize their personal visions in new and unexpected ways, dramatically enhancing their environments.


Our process is truly a collaboration between classical training and innovative vision; problem solving; exterior and interior; concept and execution and aesthetics and practicalities. All must be balanced, integrated and formulated in a complete package to ensure the success of a project.


The most critical collaboration, of course, is between our clients and JBMP. To ensure that our clients vision is realized in a responsible manner JBMP employs a team approach with the client being the most important part of that team.



Architecture, – Interior Design – Master Site Planning – Landscape Architecture – Real Estate Consulting


Project Type

Residential – Retail – Office – Corporate Interiors – Clubs